It’s within soul that i present Richard Meters

It’s within soul that i present Richard Meters

“To put it briefly, Richards search and you may teaching period 50 years, since the areas of atmospheric rays, planetary atmospheres and exploration, aftereffects of polar freeze to your weather, remote feeling, and you will requirements off atmospheric physics and you will chemistry. He’s made a good amount of unique contributions on it one to provides into the-breadth and you will large influences on atmospheric and you may planetary sciences. The latest demonstration away from AGUs higher awardthe William Bowie Medalto Richard maybe not just recognizes his a good efforts so you’re able to fundamental geophysics and you will unselfish cooperation when you look at the research, and in addition places him on category out-of an enthusiastic (in the atmospheric biochemistry). Goody to you personally.”


“I’m honored is provided one of several users of one’s William Bowie Medal, like as the lineup away from readers includes so many renowned labels, including those of private family members and you may acquaintances which have invited me personally. In response, I want to state just what employment into the upforit geophysics has meant to me personally.

“My personal basic stumble on which have atmospheric dimensions is actually in the period out of 1942-1946, when my job would be to sample model, high-height competitors and bombers. In one airfield, meanwhile, Dobson and you can Maker was indeed and then make its groundbreaking size of water vapour in the stratosphere. It had been my personal wartime experiences that contributed Gordon Sutherland to give me the ability to make and you will travel an enthusiastic infrared solar power spectrometer to search for the overall amount of water vapour in the stratosphere.

“From this performs, I setup passion during the radiative transfer, climate patterns, brand new interactions anywhere between moves and you can rays, decimal spectroscopy, remote feeling which have infrared spectra, the fresh new thermodynamics of your own mesosphere, and a few almost every other information that suit zero apparent development. A primary extension off my interests came in 1954 as i analyzed The brand new Physics of Planet Mars because of the G. deVaucouleurs, I happened to be a quick transfer, and you will off that time with the I’ve pulled a good focus into the planetary atmospheres, principally the ones from the fresh new earthlike planets, Mars and Venus.

“My welfare had been all shaped until the beginning of the Area Many years and you can through to the rapid rise in regulators capital to have Earth technology that started in the later 1950s. I have never been myself active in the high plans you to characterize most of modern geophysics and room physics. I want to have the ability to point out that, with the versatility preference I’ve had, could work has involved certain huge build, specific overriding objective, however, in all honesty I have been one thing from a good dilettante, picking up interesting information and you will moving forward so you’re able to anyone else when anything try completed.

“I can allege you to definitely motivation to possess everything i did, namely, appreciate a powerful, rational procedure that integrates objectivity with development. The We have previously wished to create try medical search, which is how i was basically lucky enough to pay my personal lives, and i am profoundly pleased towards the American Geophysical Commitment for that it identification that could work makes some share so you’re able to a highest and very important career.”

Raymond Hide

This new 1997 William Bowie Medal, offered by AGU for outstanding efforts so you’re able to standard geophysics and for unselfish venture inside browse, is presented to Raymond Mask in the AGU Spring season Meeting Award Service on may 28 for the Baltimore.


“The latest Bowie Medal is the American Geophysical Unions higher honor honoring `the efforts to help you simple geophysics and you may `unselfish venture inside research. Beam Hides job abounds with quite a few examples of his standard benefits and his awesome shot of new and you may revitalizing suggestions, including which have types of their leaders and you can neighborhood service. For more than forty years, Ray has furnished the new geophysical society with a steady flow regarding brand new suggestions and you can practical advances toward an over-all spectral range of subjects, and, among others, the basic hydrodynamics and you will magnetohydrodynamics out of spinning drinks, geomagnetism, planetary magnetism, moves throughout the Earths core, movement about Earths rotation, therefore the fictional character of atmosphere of the Earth and other globes. Rays selection of over 2 hundred courses talks about an extraordinary variety of information about Earths center so you’re able to Jupiters High Purple Destination. Here I’m able to stress not all the off his of numerous accomplishments.


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